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Have you tried other forms of therapy or treatment which have proven to give you temporary relief or have been totally ineffective? Eliminate the source of the problem, don’t just treat the symptoms. What is holding you back from a pain- free  lifestyle? Change your life today! Call to schedule your appointment today,  (941) 201-6089

PT scope of practice  includes  assisting individuals in maintaining, restoring, and improving movement,  activity, and functioning thereby enabling health and quality of life for optimal physical performance.

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OT scope of practice includes training patients to safely perform activities of daily living;  included but not limited to cooking skill,  loading  and unloading dishwasher safe, cleanup, safe techniques for reaching into cabniets above and below. Also, bathing, grooming, and dressing.

The scope of speech therapy practice is treatment of speech  deficits,  and disorders, especially through use of exercises and audio-visual aids help develop new speech habits to help patients regain or improve their physical and vocal abilities.

We are proud to introduce our spinal solutions program, solving even the most persistent back and sciatic symptoms. Spinal solutions as an innovative totally safe effective non-invasive treatment program which consists of three components that mimic anti-gravity effects: computerized spinal decompression, a combination of manual physical therapy and functional based exercises, followed by aquatic therapy and a heated pool. Are spinal solutions program has been proven successful and solving even the most persistent back and sciatic problems. Why are we so unique? We are the only exclusive source based treatment model in the region using the Spinal Solutions Protocol, A program proven to reduce or eliminate the need for more invasive procedures.

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Spinal Solutions Program: Mechanical Problems Demand Mechanical Solutions

We offer H2O gait therapy and our multi depth, warm, saltwater therapeutic pool to individuals recovering from all phases of illness or injury. If you are experiencing changes in your overall functional mobility or dynamic balance, you can benefit. What are therapy is the solution for patients who do not respond about to land based physical therapy due to arthritic or other painful conditions. We have developed a specialized H2O gait program designed to improve your strength, balance, and confidence, during functional mobility he. We use both water and land based exercises to assist patient to suffer decreased functional mobility and dynamic balance problems.

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LSV T big is a specialized, movement based, functional exercise program specifically developed for people living with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. This is an individualized program involving a regimen of four sessions a week for four weeks. This program consist of seven specific functional exercises that come inside with movements necessary to safely and independently perform activities of daily living, with a constant focus on correction of center of gravity over base of support to improve dynamic balance. All exercises and functional activities are performed with increased amplitude (BIG), proven to be extremely successful in stimulating the sensori-motor system to improve brain function with the increased production of the neurotransmitter Dopamine.

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