Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is a rehab therapy, performed in a water by a train therapist, to exercise in a pain free envionment to take stress off of joints improving circulation and range of motion.

Spinal Solutions

Spinal Solutions is an innovative, safe and effective, non-invasive treatment program for patients suffering from acute or chronic neck or back pain. Our approach consists of three segments designed to mimic anti-gravity and reduce painful pressure on the spine.



In addition to traditional Physical Therapy services we specialize in LSVT BIG, a movement based, functional exercise program specifically developed for people living with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.


Is the quality of your life challenged by any of the following conditions?

  ·        Headaches

·        Fibromyalgia

·        Any arthritic condition

·        Generalized Muscle Weakness

·        Spinal pain, Stenosis, or Sciatica

 ·        Pre/Post surgical rehabilitation

·        Dizziness or vestibular problems

 ·        Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, or Knee pain

 ·        Changes in your functional mobility

 ·        Pain that radiates down your arms or legs

 ·        Dynamic Balance disorders, History of falls

 ·        any movement disorder such as Parkinsons disease


We are the SOLUTION to improve your lifestyle.

Why wait any longer for the relief you deserve?  Our Center of Excellence is a unique, innovative, outpatient clinic specializing in Physical Therapy & Aquatic rehabilitation. We are certified in LSVT BIG, and Health Coaching. Our state of the art Spinal Solutions Program utilizes decompression tables and a heated pool to counteract the effects of gravity and assist in reducing disc bulges or herniations.

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 Take charge of your life by regaining control of your body.

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